Stories labeled Art & Culture

“The zone” is a sort of trance state that gamblers experience while they’re playing. One’s sense of time, space, body, and sense of self can disappear. So there’s an imperative to design against interruption.

Roman Mars
99% Invisible
19 min 28 sec
Air Date: 04/30/2013

Lewis Greenberg is fighting to preserve a giant installation in his yard, Holocaust Revisited. He calls the neighbors who object Nazis, but it’s not nearly so black and white.

David Weinberg
Love + Radio
23 min 00 sec
Air Date: 12/21/2012

David Foster Wallace first made his mark on the literary scene with his 1,079-page, three-pound-three-ounce novel, Infinite Jest. He discussed the book in 1996.

Leonard Lopate
The Leonard Lopate Show
29 min 22 sec
Air Date: 03/04/1996

In third grade, Shalom Auslander saw a chance to make his mom proud and push his drunk father out of the picture. The plan called for a lot of blessing, and a lot of sinning.

Shalom Auslander
This American Life
19 min 00 sec
Air Date: 01/21/2005

What if the moon were just a jump away? A beautiful answer to that question comes in Italo Calvino’s story, read live by Liev Schreiber.

Liev Schreiber
40 min 36 sec
Air Date: 04/16/2013

Studs Terkel, the late oral historian, questions what has happened to “vox humana.”

Michael Garofalo
1 min 47 sec
Air Date: 2005

After a bit role with DeNiro, ex-con-actor Richie Castellano moves to a small town and gets dozens of people to invest in a movie that never premieres. Why did they buy it?

Alex Blumberg
This American Life
22 min 00 sec
Air Date: 12/15/2000

China’s most famous living artist and most creative political dissident – no stranger to police beatings and imprisonment – makes a rare appearance in American media.

Tom Ashbrook
On Point
46 min 16 sec
Air Date: 01/10/2013

A 15-year-old boy travels more than a thousand miles, alone, to seek out his hero.

Logan Hill
This American Life
32 min 30 sec
Air Date: 07/26/2012

It was the summer of 1966 when a persistent 17-year-old with a high school radio show near Chicago got the interview of a lifetime. But only a handful of people ever got to hear the conversation, in which Ali epically riffs about fighting on Mars.

Michael Aisner
Blank On Blank
07 min 20 sec
Air Date: 1966