Stories labeled Science

What do you do in the face of a monstrous disease with a 100 percent fatality rate? A Milwaukee doctor tries to knock death incarnate off its throne.

Tim Howard
31 min 02 sec
Air Date: 08/13/2013

Completing an accurate map of all the stars in the night sky is the lifelong goal of astonomer and self-confessed nocturnal hermit Brian Skiff. Diane Hope documents a night in the life of one of this dwindling number of professional stargazers.

Diane Hope
Falling Tree
27 min 33 sec
Air Date: 05/26/2008

In early August of 1945, Tsutomu Yamaguchi had a run of the worst luck imaginable. A double blast of radiation left his future, and the future of his descendants, in doubt.

Jad Abumrad
20 min 57 sec
Air Date: 07/16/2012

Gordon Hempton says that silence is an endangered species. He defines real quiet as presence — an absence of noise. The Earth, as he knows it, is a “solar-powered jukebox.”

Krista Tippett
On Being
51 min 07 sec
Air Date: 05/10/2012

Brooke Gladstone tells how her love of science fiction began with the sci-fi author.

Brooke Gladstone
On The Media
06 min 27 sec
Air Date: 06/08/2012

The man who helped bring the Hubble Space Telescope into focus.

Tim Skoog
10 min 57 sec
Air Date: 05/11/2012

Legions of fetal cells hang out inside a mother for decades after she gives birth — and might even help heal her when she’s sick or hurt.

Robert Krulwich
20 min 29 sec
Air Date: 04/30/2012

We’re taught to avoid doing things we’ll regret for the rest of our lives, but why? Author Kathryn Schulz makes the case for cherishing our worst choices — like her tattoo.

Alison Stewart
TED Radio Hour
17 min 53 sec
Air Date: 05/04/2012

In 1941, two warships from Australia and Germany clashed off the coast of western Australia. Both sank. Despite extensive search efforts, the ships weren’t found until 2008, when psychologists analyzed statements given by surviving crew members.

Alix Spiegel
Morning Edition
08 min 56 sec
Air Date: 09/27/2011

The phenomenon known as genetic sexual attraction occurs when family members who have never met until adulthood find themselves attracted to one another. And for those who experience it, GSA is often shrouded in secrecy, shame, and fear.

Aaron Brindle
Aziza Sindhu
The Current
33 min 57 sec
Air Date: 05/2009